Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sweet's Taffy!

I have to hand it to Food Network... they now have a show that makes me want everything I see on TV. It's called Kid in a Candy Store and each week the host goes to candy, ice cream, chocolate, etc. venues and stores and talks about some of the products. Uh, YUM!

Anyway, the very first episode, just a mere few weeks ago, brought us to the Sweet's Candy Company, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. This company is famous for it's unusual taffy flavors.

I've never been one for taffy - salt water taffy always looks so good but then I taste it and I don't love it. But the Sweet's taffy just looked SOOOO good on TV.. and the flavors seemed really appetizing... so my husband and I ordered a 2.5 pound "taffy mixer" which consisted of 4 flavors we picked.

We chose Root Beer, Red Licorice, Neapolitan and Caramel Apple. After a week-long wait - the taffy arrived today!! Sweet's taffy is very different than the east coast salt water taffy. This stuff is whipped, not pulled, so it's softer and less sticky.

I tried Root Beer first - and promptly gave it 2 thumbs up. The Red Licorice was so-so to me... I am not a huge licorice girl to begin with. It had true flavor, so licorice fans would definitely like it. The Neapolitan is good but the chocolate part of it was my favorite. Then, lastly, I tried Caramel Apple, which, I originally told my husband I wouldn't like and it turns out that it is my favorite!! The apple part is a tart reminder of sour apple gum I chewed as a kid and the caramel has a nice flavor.

The show is a dangerous one for me to watch because I literally want everything (or most everything) they show and unfortunately, most of these things are out of state and shipping food costs $$!! But the Sweet's taffy was definitely worth it and we now own 2.5 pounds - should last us a while.

And if we want more, well, my husband's cousin lives in Salt Lake City...maybe we can bribe him into picking some up for us when he comes home for Thanksgiving!!


  1. She's not kidding when se says she wants everything. She's just looking for a good excuse to order the caramel apples we saw last week!

  2. Can't help it...I am a junk food junkie when it comes to candy and chocolate.