Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I love sandwiches. This is a funny statement coming from a girl who, throughout elementary and middle school, ate the bread, cheese and meat all separate because I didn't like the breadcrumbs getting on everything. I don't know what I was thinking!!

My love for sandwiches started through my sleepaway camp, actually. There was a gas station down the road called Texaco and they had a small deli inside the store. It was a bunk treat to get Texaco sandwiches on any given day...usually it was because someone in your bunk had a birthday. (I was very lucky in the fact that the bunk I was put into had several July birthdays!) So anyway, at age 11, someone in my bunk had a birthday and Texaco was for lunch...I had to suck it up and get a sandwich.

Maybe it was being at camp for a few weeks with sub-par food, maybe Texaco put drugs in the ingredients, I don't know, but that sandwich was honestly the BEST sandwich I had ever eaten. And it was just turkey, cheese and lettuce!! And there my love for the sandwich grew. I looked forward to Texaco at camp so I could try new concoctions. I started ordering deli sandwiches with my dad when I was at home. My mom was relieved that I would finally bring a normal sandwich to school. Life was good.

It wasn't until college though, that I started experimenting more with what you can put on a sandwich and using different condiments. I never really was a mustard fan and avoided anything that the name. But now I openly use honey mustard and honey dijon mustard. Sometimes I use a smear of mayo. Sometimes I use hummus as the condiment! The possibilities are endless.

Now I really enjoy the days my husband and I make sandwiches for lunch because I get to be creative. In fact, I have come up with my "signature" sandwich that we always use as a fall-back.

Here is A's Signature Sandwich:

Hard Salami
Turkey Breast
pepper slices - the red, orange or yellow peppers taste the best
feta cheese
swiss cheese
honey dijon

YUMMY! I like using whole wheat club rolls. First I use a few slices of the hard salami, followed by a little turkey. Lettuce and pepper slices come next, followed by just a few crumbles of feta cheese for a little zing of a taste. Swiss cheese is next (and tomato if you like them - I don't but my husband does). The honey dijon goes on the top piece of bread. There are times I will toast the roll or bread just for something a little extra.

Another sandwich I really enjoy making is the Thanksgiving Sandwich. Leftover carved pieces of turkey are placed in a roll or wrap along with stuffing and dried cranberries. Make sure it is heated for a really homey, hearty meal.

Of course, pickles accompany almost every sandwich that comes out of this house, and sour pickles are our favorite!

What is your favorite sandwich??

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  1. Also good with leftover cranberry sauce.