Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Simple Solutions...

So, I can't eat a lot of red sauce on pasta and stuff because the acidity in the tomatoes upsets my stomach. Therefore I usually use cheese sauce or Alfredo sauce or butter on my pasta.

Well, the other night I made garlic butter. I couldn't believe I hadn't thought to do this before. So easy, yet it was the first time I've made it! Anyway, I just took a small sauce pan and dropped in the amount of butter I needed for 2 people. While it was melting, I kept stirring in garlic powder so it wouldn't clump. It actually turned out really well and my husband, who LOVES red sauce, actually liked it a lot.

We ate it over elbow pasta, with a side of my sweat n sour meatballs!!

It's funny how something so simple is something you never thought to do.

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