Friday, August 6, 2010

From Citrusy Chicken to Sweet n Sour Chicken!

So, two days ago I talked about how I made a Citrusy Chicken and my husband really enjoyed it but I thought it was just so-so and had too much of a citrus bite for me. Well, we had leftovers from that dinner and since I hate wasting food, I knew I had to do something to make it more palatable for me.

It is amazing what a little apricot preserves, grape jelly and soy sauce can do to chicken that was smothered in pineapple and lemon juice. I put those 3 ingredients in a skillet along with the pineapple/nut mixture that had been topping the other chicken and let it all simmer over a low heat until they melted together.

I tasted the new sauce and it was wonderful!! It was more of a sweet n sour combination, using the tartness from the pineapple and lemon and the sweetness from the apricot preserves and grape jelly. I loved it.

I then put the 2 remaining pieces of chicken in the skillet and let it heat through, flipping them over occasionally so both sides were cooked in the new sauce.

I served it with a side of sweet corn niblets and my husband approved of the new and improved version of the tropical-like chicken I had made. He, of course, liked the first version, but enjoyed this one as well.

Now I just have to amend the first recipe to combine the three new ingredients and I should have one pretty tasty dish!! Experimenting is fun, when it tastes good!

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