Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Sundae!

Today I bring you the Pop-Tart Sundae! We had purchased some of the Kellogg Ice Cream Sundae Shoppe Pop-Tarts and my husband wanted me to use the Strawberry Milkshake one in an ice cream sundae for him.

He wanted the Pop-Tart frozen, so it sat in the freezer for a few days before I made this sundae. You don't need to freeze it for days...a few hours should suffice, but I just never got around to making that sundae for him for a few days after it was put in the freezer.

Anyway, this was a simple sundae...I broke the frozen Pop-Tart in half, then arranged some cookies n cream ice cream between the 2 pieces. Some whipped cream topped that and then I used a touch of strawberry topping as a garnish. Chocolate syrup finished it off.

My husband ended up loving the sundae with the Pop-Tart as a base. His review on the Strawberry Milkshake Pop-Tart by itself was so-so, but he liked it with the ice cream. We have another Ice Cream Shoppe Pop-Tart in the house for me to try with him...that one is called Ice Cream Sandwich.

Stay tuned for more sundae ideas!

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