Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Omelets! Breakfast, Lunch OR Dinner - You Can't Beat It!

I love omelets. I love them for how easy they are to make and how flexible they are as a dish both ingredient-wise and time of day-wise. I love them for how you can pair a lot of different sides with them. They are seriously just great. What I don't love is the spelling...is it omelet or omelette?? I never know and I found both on the Internet!

My husband does not like eggs...or he convinced himself that he doesn't. (I am convinced it is the latter). Just like hot dogs, it bothers the living daylight out of me that he won't and refuses to try them. After all, your taste buds change every 7 years or so and you find out you like things you thought you didn't!

I did get him to try a potato omelet in Barcelona when we were there this past spring and he *gasp* LIKED it. Or rather, he said it "wasn't bad." But he refuses to try my omelet creations...and with some of the ingredients I use, you don't even have an "eggy" taste!


But anyway, here is one of my favorite omelets to make - more for lunch or dinner because it has a stronger taste.

2 eggs
chopped onion
feta cheese
pinch of black pepper
thawed frozen spinach
cooking spray or a dab of margarine/butter for the skillet

I crack the eggs into a bowl (if you are an egg white person, go with it...I use the whole egg) and whisk them. Then I mix in the spinach, feta cheese, onion, black pepper and oregano and whisk again.

I melt my margarine in the skillet and then pour in the egg mixture. Keep the stove on a medium heat so the omelet doesn't burn too fast. Once you see some firming on the top, flip it over to cook the other side for about 30-45 seconds (1 min max). The amount of oregano I use is to my taste. Only use what you feel comfortable with.

Put your omelet on a dish and enjoy!

This omelet definitely does not taste like egg at all, the oregano and feta cheese pretty much overpower that. But it is VERY tasty!!

Depending on what kind of omelet I make, I use an array of sides. Anything from hash browns to toast to fruit salads. Sometimes soup! It really just depends on my mood and how I've constructed the omelet.

Anyway, it is just such a great meal. Tell me what kind you like!

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