Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Game Day Snack - Working With Leftovers!

Today's Game Day Snack was a leftover affair for my husband and I. On Saturday night we had used a gift certificate to a pub near our house and ordered a few appetizers - spinach and artichoke dip as well as man n' cheese bites.

We ended up having leftovers of both and brought them home. While we were waiting for our entrees, however, we had talked about using the bread from the table and spooning some of the spinach and artichoke dip onto it and then topping it with a mac n' cheese bite.

It sounded delicious (deliciously fatty!) but we already had the appetizers wrapped up and ready to go so we opted to use that concoction as our Sunday Game Day Snack.

And that is EXACTLY what we did - and guess what? IT WAS GREAT! YUM!

If you'd like to create something similar, you can always pop into Trader Joes and get their frozen spinach and artichoke dip (theirs is my favorite!) and below are two links to mac n cheese bite recipes.

Paula Deen's recipe....Alton Brown's recipe.

Have you concocted any interesting snacks? Share!!

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