Monday, October 4, 2010

Food Obsessions...

So... my husband and I have a new obsession. It's called Moo La La and there is only ONE of these locations in the whole country right now - and it happens to exist 10 minutes from us on Long Island, NY.

Moo La La is Long Island's first self-serve frozen yogurt bar. AND IT IS SO FRICKIN GOOD.

I've already mentioned several times that my husband likes frozen treats immensely. I can deal with ice cream from time to time but I actually hate frozen yogurt. A few months ago I was meeting up with a childhood friend and she wanted to go to TCBY. I hate TCBY. But I went and forced some down :-) So when my mom gave us a coupon for this place to try, I was like, eh. But my husband was dying to try it so we went.

Well... let me just say, I am craving this as we speak, and we just ate it the previous two nights. The frozen yogurt does not taste like frozen yogurt - more like soft serve ice cream. They have 12 different flavors and they change a few daily. AND there is a huge bar full of toppings - everything from fruit to candy to mochi to syrups. The yogurt itself is also fat free!

It's pay by the ounce but it wasn't too bank breaking. For 9 ounces it's about $4 and change. I find this to be a better deal because you get your yogurt and toppings.. instead of paying $3.65 for a cup at Baskin Robbins with no toppings and that is smaller.

We were given a punch card as well - after 9 purchases you get 6 ounces free. Woo hoo!

I know there are a few self-serve frozen yogurt bars in NYC, and I am sure some in other big cities around the country, but this is a new trend emerging. And Moo La La is delicious.

The dangerous thing is that it is located 3 minutes away from where I work. Hmmm....

Tell me about your favorite food obsession of the moment!

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