Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Taste of Harry Potter...Butterbeer!

Aaaannd I'm back after another short absence. Sorry about that, folks. Anyway, today's post is a little whimsical, based on the recent trip my husband and I took to Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan (yes, adults can be fans) and I was very anxious to check out the new Harry Potter area (which, btw, was AWESOME).

I was very interested to see how Universal brought one of the Hogsmeade staples in the book, Butterbeer, to life, and we stopped at the Butterbeer truck around 10:45 in the morning. (FYI, it's not really beer, obviously!)

We had a choice of frozen Butterbeer or regular (which was like a soda). Being that it was a cool morning in Florida, we chose regular. The fizzy drink was poured into my very own Butterbeer mug and topped with something white and foamy.

It was delicious! The soda part was honestly very much like cream soda with a little butterscotch added to it - but the intriguing part was the foam. We had no idea what it was, but it kept growing as you drank your Butterbeer (magic?)

It was definitely something fun to drink and my husband, who usually complains that sida hurts his stomach, was fine and loved it until a little bug decided to fly into his drink and he dumped it out in the bushes of Dr. Suess-Land. (lovely).

I finished all of mine :-)

If you are a Harry Potter fan, definitely go check out the area - you can eat at the Three Broomsticks or get some pumpkin juice. (Non fans, if you are dragged there, no worries, there is plenty of beer and other alcohol available for you to consume and tolerate the Potter craziness).

I found this recipe on FoodNetwork's website for "butterbeer" that may be similar if you want to try and create your own as well!

Stay tuned for some other delicious posts from Orlando as well.

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