Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Game Day Snack - Open Face Knish Sandwiches!

Today's Sunday Game Day Snack is a hearty one, and VERY delicious, as my husband and I just tested out. Open face knish sandwiches. YUM-MY!

My husband originally saw something like this concept on the Food Network and desperately wanted to try it. So today when I went food shopping, there were some knish's on sale and I plopped them in the cart.

We planned to use turkey and cheese on top of a sliced knish. You can definitely use any type of deli meat you enjoy, accompanied by any type of cheese or additional vegetables - the possibilities are endless!

The knish's we bought happened to be potato broccoli, mostly because those were the ones on sale and we didn't want to buy something that cost more since this was an experiment and we really don't eat knish's very often at home.

We also purchased some plain, thin-sliced deli turkey and light Swiss cheese (also thin-sliced).

We got home around 12:30 so just decided to go ahead and make these for the start of the 1 pm Jet game and eat a late lunch/early snack.

I sliced the knish in half so I had 2 "sandwich ends." Then I shredded some of the sliced turkey and put it on top of the potato filling, topped by a slice of Swiss cheese.

They baked about 20 minutes until the cheese started to get a slight golden color on top and the potato filling was hot.

The sandwich was yummy plain (as I ate it), and my husband decided to add some spicy mustard to his, which he also really enjoyed.

Since we ate them for lunch we each had two sides, but if we were using this as a snack we would have just split one. They are very easy to make, very filling and very tasty.

Happy Football Day!

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