Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eating With A Travels...to Walt Disney World, FL!

OK, OK...so Disney World isn't exotic. But it IS a really fun place to visit and I love it. AND, my favorite place to eat there is located in MGM...er...I mean, Disney Hollywood Studios. (I hate the new name, it will always be MGM to me).

I'm talking about the 50's Prime Time Cafe. This place serves awesome food in huge portions and has such a fun atmosphere. It's American comfort food in a TV themed setting...and it feels like home! All of the tables are in "rooms" that are designed to look like kitchens from the 50's. There is a TV at each table playing scenes from 50's TV shows as well as news clips and commercials. The waiters and waitresses are "mom" and "dad" and yell at you to clean your plate, elbows off the table, and ask you how your day is going.

The first time I was there was when I was 16 with my parents and one of my friends. We had a blast and finished off our meals with s'mores. This plates of s'mores is like NOTHING you have ever seen before...the entire plate is full of a large graham cracker covered in perfectly placed marshmallows and chocolate. YUM!!

When I was 18, 3 friends and I were allowed to go to Disney by ourselves for our February school break and I dragged my friends there the day we went to MGM. This time I got in trouble for being sassy and had to stand in the corner for a minute. We have pictures. Of course, I finished off my meal with s'mores.

I went again during a college spring break when I was 20...and then not again until I was 29 with my husband when we went on out mini-honeymoon. However, that time I actually ordered something different... my husband got the s'mores and I got the 50's Boston Cream Cupcake!!

Oh my, that was delicious. It was this HUUUUGGE cupcake full of delicious boston cream filling. Two thumbs up!

I should probably also talk about their entrees - which are amazing. The fried chicken, to me, is worthy enough to stand up to good ol' southern cooking. The pot pies are so scrumptious and honestly, I feel like you can't go wrong with most of the menu. It's just old fashioned cooking in the middle of Disney.

I can't wait until the next time I go back - that is the one restaurant that is always on my list.

But make your reservations early! This place, like all Disney restaurants, fills up fast. You can make dining reservations up to 90 days before your visit so if you know you are going to Disney - call the reservations number and just get in the places you want - even if you don't know what days you will be in each park. At least you will have a spot in a restaurant and as things get closer and you have more of a plan, you can try to change it.

Have a magical day!

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