Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eating With A New Orleans, LA!!!

I almost feel sacrilegious writing about New Orleans. I have so many good friends from there or who have lived there, and I have only been a meager visitor. But I love it there, and have been 4 times which is 4 times more than many many people!

New Orleans is known for their cuisine. Creole, Cajun, and French cuisines play heavily into their culture. If you like seafood, especially shrimp or crawfish, New Orleans is your place.

But what I want to highlight today appeals to my sweet tooth. Simply put, one can not visit New Orleans without visiting the famous Cafe Du Monde and having their incredible beignets (pronounced Ben-Yays) - which are french doughnuts. If you know what fried dough is - funnel cakes, zeppole, etc. - those are all very similar to the beignet. Cafe Du Monde's beignets are square fried pieces of dough covered in powdered sugar.

Served in a basket of 3, these little treats are amazing and incredibly messy. If you are lucky to get a table in their little courtyard area, you should eat leaning over the table. Also expect to have powdered sugar all over your face, your lips and your clothes! Grab some coffee or hot chocolate to wash them down and you are good to go.

I've only been to the location on Decatur Street in the French Market area. There are a few other locations scattered around Louisiana as well. And you can ordered their dough here, but I have yet to do that.

So next time you find yourself in New Orleans, definitely stop by to have a delicious treat. While Bourbon Street is a big draw (and trust me, I should know after my adventures there!), Cafe Du Monde is worthy of your time too.

Until next time!

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