Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stuffed Cupcakes = Stuffed A!

Last weekend my husband and I had the most DELICIOUS cupcakes in our little cupcake brigade so far. Unfortunately (or fortunately, for calorie sake), they are located an hour away from us in NJ. Luckily, they aren't far from my in-laws so we can always ask them to bring us some when they come over!

Anyway, we first heard of Stuffed Cupcakes on some show on Cooking Channel's show called Unique Eats. When we found out it was close to my in-laws, we were so excited. We knew the next time we'd be heading to NJ we'd be heading there! It was just a matter of time.

Well, the opportunity finally arose and off we went. The bakery has a menu with like, a hundred cupcake flavors but they only put a handful out per day... maybe around 25 or so. If even that much...I can't remember. We were too busy trying to pick out which 6 we were taking with us.

After much deliberation, we ended up with Sexy Sadie (Chocolate Cupcake With White Chocolate Raspberry Amaretto Mousse And Topped With Vanilla Icing, A Dollop of Mousse And Almonds), Butterscotch Hug (Butterscotch Cupcake Stuffed With Butterscotch Mousse And Topped With Vanilla Icing And Butterscotch Chips), Raspberry Beret (Chocolate Cupcake Stuffed with Chocolate Raspberry Mousse and Topped with Raspberry Whipped Cream), Peanut Butter Fluff (Peanut Butter Cupcake Stuffed With Marshmallow Mousse, Topped With Chocolate Icing, Crusted Nuts And Marshmallows), Chocolate Kiss (Chocolate Cupcake Stuffed With White Chocolate And Strawberry Mousse With Chocolate Icing And Dollop Of Strawberry Mousse) and Simply Delicious (Chocolate Cupcake Stuffed With Whipped Cream Topped With Chocolate Icing And Nonpareils).

I couldn't wait... as soon as we left the store and got back into the car, I dove into my Simply Delicious... and delicious it was!!

It was a very moist cupcake with a lot of flavor and a generous amount of stuffing in the middle. I got through 3/4 of it before I got full and felt like I needed milk, but you can be sure I saved the rest for another time!!

Over the week, my husband and I would split the cupcakes in half and share them (well, all but the peanut butter one - that was all him...I hate peanut butter). We had a ranking but none of them were bad...and these cupcakes are better than ANYPLACE around us...even Crumbs, which was our favorite so far.

So, good job Stuffed Cupcakes, good job. You have my vote!! And if you live ANYWHERE near Nutley, NJ - go check them out!!

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