Monday, March 14, 2011

Potbelly...Magical Little Sandwiches...

I just got back from a wonderful weekend in the Washington DC area, seeing wonderful old friends, and most importantly, getting to eat my FAVORITE sandwich!!

The Potbelly Sandwich Shop is amazing. Seriously. If you are lucky enough to live in the DC Metro area (including VA and MD), Texas, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan or Kentucky, I officially hate you. Well, not really, but I sure am jealous of you. Because that is the small, small region where Potbelly exists.

I seriously beg them every few months via their website to come up to NY - people would go nuts here.

I can't explain why these sandwiches are so magical. But ever since I had my first taste in DC, only about a year before I moved back north, I have been hooked. And I think everyone who has eaten Potbelly who I have talked to at least, proclaims their love for it shortly after I mention it. Hmmm...what is IN these sandwiches that make them so lovable?!?

They have a decent size menu, all made to order. My favorite is the Turkey Breast, or the TKY which is the same thing but in "skinny" mode, made with less bread, meat and cheese for less carbage and fat!

You pick your bread and the type of sandwich you want...they put the meats and cheeses on and send it through a little toasting thing. Then all of the toppings go on. I usually just get lettuce and maybe some onions or pickles. I used to get mayo, but I cut that out... and I don't like mustard. I REALLY wish they offered honey mustard, but not yet. Maybe one day!

After it is assembled, they cut it in half and wrap it up - the way they wrap it is great because you can use it sort of as a sandwich diaper and eat it so nothing falls out, or you can unwrap it and eat it the regular way. The sandwiches are the perfect temperature and I swear they melt in your mouth.

You can also get soups, salads, milkshakes, cookies and breakfast. All of the employees I have encountered in various stores are consistently friendly and seem happy.

I look forward to this treat whenever I can get it - I once asked my parents to bring me some home when they went to Maryland but they refused. :-( Thanks a lot!!

Hopefully one day my dream will come true and they will move north so I can have this more regularly. Until then, those of you who can, enjoy your Potbelly!! And those of you visiting any of the above mentioned states... find a Potbelly and try it!!

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