Sunday, June 5, 2011

Grilled Ravioli!

Deeper into Spring and the grilling is easy! Tonight we tried grilled ravioli (something my husband probably saw on some Food Network program since he suggested it).

We had just splurged at our new favorite grocery store since they were having their delicious homemade ravioli on sale, 3 for $10 - not bad when each package is usually $4.99. So we grilled up one of the packages.

Since we already really enjoy eating ravioli and chicken sausage together, we also grilled up some of our Mango Chicken sausage we get from Trader Joe's. Also grilling were some sliced red and orange peppers that had a drizzling of olive oil and sea salt.

For a dipping sauce, I whipped up a batch of garlic butter sauce that I have previously made, since we weren't in the mood for a red sauce or a cheese sauce.

All of these grilled items, plus the sauce, made for a very tasty Sunday night dinner. The grilled ravioli is definitely a different pasta experience. It tastes similar to a puff pastry with some cheese filling - I did not feel like I was eating pasta. But, I really liked it none the less.

It was simple to make the ravioli. I put the raviolis into a zip-lock bag with a little bit of olive oil and some salt and pepper. I closed it and then shook it up so everything got a good coating of the 3 ingredients.

We had the grill heated up to a low-medium temperature (which was the temperature recommended to cook these that I found online). 2-3 minutes on each side was just enough. The ravioli will slowly start to puff up.

We were happy we tried this, and we will add it to our grilling rotation for the summer. Try it out!

What are your favorite foods to grill?

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