Sunday, June 5, 2011

Zim Zari - My new restaurant obsession...

Only 2 places in this country are lucky enough to eat at a little restaurant called Zim Zari right now... people that live on Long Island, and people who live near Trinity, FL. I feel special...but I feel bad for people who can't partake in this delicious restaurant.

It's classified as "California Coastal Grill," but I can't decide what it is striving to be. It has a lot of Mexican dishes on the menu...but also some dishes with an Asian flair!! Whatever it is, it is delicious, and I can't believe I waited almost two years to try it from when it moved into my town.

I initially stayed away because it had the word coastal in the description - I just assumed it was heavy on the seafood, something my husband won't touch with a 10 foot pole, even though I eat shrimp.

It wasn't until I had surgery late in May that I decided I wanted to try it. As the nurse was leading me down the hall to the pre-operating room, she asked me where I was from, trying to make me less nervous since I looked like I was about to bolt and run away in fear. I told her, and she asked if I had eaten at the "cheap place that has burritos in the King Kullen shopping center." I said, "what, Zim Zari? No, not yet." She then went on and on about how great it was and when my husband was driving me home a few hours later, I told him I wanted to try it.

So, off we went during Memorial Day weekend. The place by me is small, probably no more than 30 tables. We went between 5:30 and 6:00 pm, but by 6:10 it was packed. Everything on the menu looked really, really good. There were burritos, enchiladas, salads, burgers, Asian noodle or rice bowls and more. My husband got a "zimzalada," which was basically an enchilada. There were a few different ones you could choose.

I opted for one of the Asian rice bowls that had chicken with an orange glaze.

Before our entrees, we tried their version of lettuce wraps. These were DELICIOUS, but a bit messy, as I ended up with sauce from the chicken running down my arm.

We both really enjoyed our entrees, and despite being STUFFED from the appetizer and part of our entrees, there was a dessert that caught our eye that we just HAD to try - the cookie dough flauta.

This consisted of a flauta stuffed with cookie dough, served warm with whipped cream and a chocolate sauce. OH MY GOD, was it good, BUT... it was a little heavy and it got sweet toward the end. There were 4 pieces and we weren't sure if they would stay good if we brought 2 home, so we each ate 2 pieces. That was a was too much. We wouldn't get this dessert again if we went alone...but if we were with 2 other people, we'd be fine.

The prices were very reasonable and the service was friendly and quick. They do take out - and we're definitely going to take advantage of it. I'm very excited I decided to finally try this place, as we will be adding it to our current list of favorites. I'm hoping my parents will join us one night, but my dad is super finicky and he probably won't like most of the menu since he isn't a huge Mexican fan.

So, if you are ever on Long Island in NY, or by Trinity, Fl. (not far from the Tampa area), definitely check this place out. It's worth the time!

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