Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Broiled Garlic Corn

So we had 1 ear of corn left in our freezer from last season, probably form one of the last shipments the grocery stores around us had in stores. It was time to eat it since there is new, fresh corn around!

I really didn't want to have to turn the grill on for one solitary ear of corn since we were eating my chicken taco meatloaf and sweet potato empanadas for dinner - neither of which required a grill.

So I googled broiled corn just to see if people do this and how they did it. I learned they did, so therefore, my corn was going to be broiled for the first time.

I lined a baking pan with tin foil, and sprayed the corn with olive oil spray. I sprinkled some sea salt and garlic powder on all sides of the corn and put it on the top shelf of the oven - set to broil.

Since I am famous of burning the heck out of food when trying to broil, I stood watch at the oven the entire time. It took about 6-8 minutes per side for the corn to get some nice brown marks like on a grill.

And it turned out well! It was juicy and delicious. So now if I can't grill the corn during the winter, or if it is absolutely pouring outside, I now have a new way to make corn. And the hint of garlic was a delicious compliment to what we were already eating for dinner. Yum!

How do you like to eat your corn?

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