Monday, January 17, 2011


It's no secret that I LOVE cupcakes. They are probably my favorite dessert - I've already posted 2 posts about them. This one is different...I'm not posting a recipe. I'm commenting on some awesome cupcakes I have eaten around the Tri-State area.

My husband and I just got some delicious cupcakes (pictured) from Crumbs Bakery. They are actually a chain, but there is only one location somewhat near me and I'd never gone. Boy was I missing out!! These sizeable cupcakes come in many delicious combinations. We had a hard time picking out one each, so we ended up with 4, promising to split them. We purchased a Dulce De Leche (YUM!!), a Chocolate Covered Strawberry, a Half Baked and a White Hot Chocolate, which was the flavor of the month. I have a feeling we will be back to this bakery sometime in the near future.

Another favorite of ours resides in New Jersey near my in-laws, called Mr. Cupcakes. We first heard about this place on a local radio station and when we found out it was only 5 minutes from where my in-laws live, we went. These are standard size cupcakes but they have so many delicious flavors and it is always a treat. Some of our favorites are French Toast, Chocolate Raspberry and Cookie Jar.

We tried another place near us called New York Cupcakery, but we weren't overly impressed. We were so excited when it first opened because it would be a close cupcake place for us, but the cupcakes weren't special. They had a lot of flavors but it was like a standard cake cupcake with a flavored icing or something. We like cupcakes with stuff in the cake or a filling. I mean, these tasted fine - just not special. They were a standard size, but more expensive than Mr. Cupcakes.

We recently heard about Stuffed Cupcakes, another cupcake location near my in-laws in New Jersey and I am now DYING to try it out. Hopefully one day soon!!!

I blame the Cooking Channel, the Travel Channel and Food Network for introducing me to all of these wonderful locations and making me crave cupcakes!!

If you know of a FANTASTIC cupcake place that we should try - let me know!! My husband and I travel a lot so we'd totally seek out some local cupcakes. :-)

Until then, I am going to go enjoy my birthday cupcake from Crumbs - Chocolate Covered Strawberry tonight! YUM!!


  1. Billy's Bakery ( is the absolute best! The original location is in Chelsea, but they recently opened a location in Tribeca and will be opening in Nolita. Their red velvets are so fab. Sugar Sweet Sunshine is also good!

  2. Thanks Lori!!! Maybe one day we will check them out!! :-)

  3. I haven't tried them all, but Magnolia and Butter Lane are my faves. Come to the city and we can do a cupcake crawl! (maybe in the spring)

  4. Uh, perhaps. I'm definitely not venturing into the slushy gross mess that is currently NYC. HAHA