Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Game Day Snack - Asian Style Nachos

Today's Game Day snack is an interesting one. Last night we got Mexican for dinner and had a ton of leftover tortilla chips, so we said we would use them for the Game Day snack, but I wanted to find something different.

I searched the Web for recipes including tortilla chips. One thing that stood out to me was BBQ Nachos - the creator used BBQ sauce and sausages as well as cheese on top of tortilla chips.

That sparked something in my mind - just yesterday we bought Mango Chicken Sausage at Trader Joes. It's a sweeter sausage, so I didn't think the BBQ sauce would go well with it - but in the past we paired this particular sausage with Asian flavors. Therefore, I decided to create Asian Style Nachos.

I made 2 different versions - one with rice, but no cheese, and one with cheese and no rice! I didn't pair the two together, I just didn't think it would taste good. The rice came into play when I opened the fridge and saw a bunch of white rice I made the other night that we had leftover.

Leftovers are GREAT for the Sunday Game Day snacks! It really makes it easier to throw something creative and tasty together, without wasting food from previous nights.

Here are my ingredients:

prepared white rice
onion - chopped
yellow bell pepper - chopped
mango chicken sausage - chopped
shredded provolone cheese
tortilla chips
sesame ginger vinaigrette sauce

First I sauteed the onion, chicken sausage and pepper in a small skillet with a dash of olive oil and the sesame ginger sauce.

Then I prepared 2 batches of chips. The rice and cheese went down first on each of their piles, followed by the onion, pepper and sausage, along with a dash more sauce.

I baked it for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees F.

It turned out great!! My husband said they were delicious after the first bite, and it was a toss up between the rice and cheese which he liked better. I liked the rice better, but they were messy because nothing was binding the chips together. I think next time I would put a very small layer of cheese down as well so they stick together better.

This recipe is very versatile depending on what kind of sausage you like. You could try using BBQ flavors or stick with Mexican flavors. But we like nachos a lot on game day - seems to be a very easy snack to make and munch on.


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