Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fun With Leftovers!

Tonight my husband was home before me and decided to make dinner, since I currently have a broken toe (or two, x-ray can't determine the second for sure). I actually blame my husband for this incident since it was he who left something lying around... and yes, while I could have moved it myself, I was sick of cleaning up after his projects. I guess I should have just sucked it up instead of tripping over this crap in the dark.

Anyway, the other night on our way home from his family's house, we stopped to get Chinese food for dinner. We had some boneless spare ribs left so he decided to get creative and use them in a pasta dish.

He cooked some elbow macaroni and then made a sauce consisting of brown sugar, minced garlic, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce and toasted sesame oil.

In a saute pan he heated up some chopped peppers (red, yellow and green), as well as the boneless spare ribs.

Once everything was ready, he placed the spare ribs and peppers over the pasta and poured the sauce over it.

The result was quite tasty!! I probably would have also chopped up some onion, but it was fine without it.

I told my husband he did a good job and he was proud of his last minute concoction. It's always fun to find a new way to eat your leftovers!!

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