Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cupcake Search in Boynton Beach, FL

Yeah...I have been MIA for a bit. Life has been weird, cooking not a priority at the moment. I need to get back into it though, or my husband and I will go broke from take-out. Or gain immense amounts of weight. So keep staying tuned. In the meantime, the next few series of posts will be reviews.

Recently, my husband and I ventured back down to the Boynton Beach area of Florida, like we do approximately every 6 months since we have a "vacation house" down there (courtesy of my in-laws second home) and since many members of my family live about 25 minutes from there and it makes my grandmother happy when I go visit. Since my husband and I have been on a cupcake search here where we live, we decided to check out the area in Florida.

We knew there was a store in a shopping center near the house called Sweet Surrender. We saw it last November, but didn't go in. This time, we did. The selection was nothing to get excited over - they had about 10 flavors out, but they were all basic, like, just a chocolate or vanilla cake with a different frosting on top. They weren't stuffed, they didn't have other decorations, they were average size and they were just...there. So, we got one to try. We bought the Chocolate Chip cupcake (Website description: OUR GOLDEN YELLOW CAKE IS LACED WITH PREMIUM CHOCOLATE BITS AND SPRINKLED WITH CONFECTIONARY SUGAR.)

The incredibly cheerful clerk (it was a little creepy how much she smiled), boxed our little cupcake up in a cute little plastic box, which allowed the tip of the icing to stick out just slightly. She asked if the box needed a bow...we declined. No need. I have to admit the presentation was cute. But home the cupcake went, and into the fridge until we were ready to eat it.

A few hours later, we stopped in another shopping center near the house and went into another cupcake place that was simply called Cupcakes of Boynton.

They had 2 small cases full of cupcakes, including one that was made into a Panda Bear and was incredibly cute. The flavors were more creative than Sweet Surrender. They were also standard cupcake size, unless, of course, they were built up into an animal or something. We chose the Strawberry Shortcake cupcake (Website description: Butter vanilla cake filled with strawberry preserves and vanilla whipped cream, topped with a fresh strawberry.)

The cupcake was packaged up in a clear plastic bowl type thing. Almost like what a sundae from McDonald's would come in. Again, that cupcake went home until we were ready to cut and share them.

The opportunity came 2 days later - on our last night in Boynton. After an incredibly delicious Italian dinner, we went home and cut the cupcakes in half. Here is what we found...

The Sweet Surrender was definitely nothing special, and kind of dry. And I don't think it had anything to do with being in the fridge for 2 days because the other cupcake was still nice and moist. The cupcake had cost us $2.75 (a little steep for a not-that-special, average size cupcake). It wasn't that chocolate-y, and there was too much icing. We will not be going back there, unless, they come up with some new stuffed cupcakes.

The Cupcakes of Boynton cupcake was pretty good. It was still moist, and our main complaint was that there needed to be more strawberry preserves in the middle - there was a tiny little drop, and it needed more! That cupcake cost us about $2.50, so we felt we got a better deal for the price and taste.

However, neither cupcake compared to our favorite cupcake places in NY and NJ. Keep trying, Boynton!!

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