Sunday, February 20, 2011

Eating With A With Yet Another Cupcake Review

So... I know I've been cupcake focused lately. But, I have to review this last cupcake place we just tried yesterday. Out of all 3 places I talked about in my last post about cupcakes, this place ranks 4th. It's worse than the NY Cupcakery that we weren't impressed with because we thought their cupcakes were too generic for their prices. Turns out you get more cake for your dollar there at least!! the same town as NY Cupcakery, a new place recently opened called Got Cupcakes? (They do not have a website, only a page on Face Book). I had high hopes - my boss's daughter actually started working there so he would tell me about the cupcakes. The flavors sounded great. My mom found a coupon for me and we waited until we returned from vacation to try it out. So, the other day we went. They had about 20 flavors out - and they sounded great. We had a coupon for buy 3, get 1 free. The "regular" sized cupcakes were $2.25 each. So, we set about picking out our flavors. Right away, one called Chocolate Chip Pancake called to me, so we got that. My husband was intrigued by Mexican Hot Chocolate. Amaretto won us over next. Then we couldn't decide between Mud Pie and Chocolate Covered Cherry. We ultimately decided on the cherry one but the owner threw in a Mud Pie for us for free, probably hoping we'd come back.

We paid for our cupcakes and went home. We decided we would share two of them for dessert that night. They looked like they were normal cupcake size. Well, when my husband went to split the cupcakes, we found that the cake parts were tiny. Really tiny. They used so much frosting on top to make them look bigger than they are. So right off the bat, we were disappointed at the size, especially at $2.25 a pop. Also, the cake parts were really dry...

We first tried the Chocolate Covered Cherry and neither of us liked it. It had that cherry medicinal quality that the owner swore it didn't have. Then we tried the Chocolate Chip Pancake. That one was far would have been fantastic is the cake wasn't dry and it was a smidge bigger. But it had a subtle maple taste and was decent.

Tonight we polished off the last three flavors - Amaretto, Mud Pie and Mexican Hot Chocolate. Unfortunately, since the cakes were already dry, they were even dryer tonight. Amaretto was actually great - despite the cake dryness. It had great flavor in the icing and was a very unusual flavor. We were told the Mexican Hot Chocolate had cinnamon and a little pepper in it, but we didn't taste anything but chocolate. The chocolate frosting however, was my favorite. Mud Pie was okay...the cake part had good flavor (despite being dry) but I thought the Mexican Hot Chocolate frosting was better.

So...all in all... it was okay. We'd stop there if we were in the area and needed dessert, but we didn't love it. Sorry, Got Cupcakes?, you didn't do it for us this time.

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