Saturday, February 19, 2011

Eating With A is Back...and Munching on POPCORNERS!

I'm back!! Actually, I've been back for a week, but lazy after a fantastic vacation, and haven't cooked or done anything this week.

I have a lot of reviews I will be posting as well, from vacation, and this is actually the first one.

My husband and I have found a new favorite snack chip - not only are they tasty, but they are healthy and even gluten free for those of you who can not digest gluten. These new chips are called Popcorners, and are a cross between chips and popcorn.

We first tried these on our JetBlue flight down to Florida in early February. Our flight carried the White Cheddar flavor and we were hooked. JetBlue is actually the only airline to be carrying these right now. I'm not sure when these were introduced to the public, but they are in a wide variety of supermarkets and gas station convenience stores right now.

The bags that JetBlue gives out also boasts a coupon code. 20% off if you use it! The website also ships for free on any size order. That's pretty awesome. When I got home from vacation, I went online to see what other flavors they had and discovered they sell a sample pack of all 5 flavors for $14 and change. And the sample pack contains 5 large bags of each flavor and 5 individual bags of each flavor. With the coupon code and the free shipping, it only cost me $11 and change for 10 bags of chips - WELL worth it.

So far we love the White Cheddar flavor, and my husband tried the Sea Salt and Cheesy Jalapeno flavors, which he also enjoyed. I brought the butter flavor to work one day and thoroughly enjoyed it - I could see mixing it with some cinnamon sugar for a sweet treat as well! All we have left to try is the Kettle flavor, which I heard is a sweet and salty type flavor.

I'm so excited to have found this flavorful and healthy snack chip. I'm hooked. And I know we have a bonus sample box waiting for us in my husband's office - the other day they were having a promotion on Facebook in NYC. If you listed your location - they would drop off some samples to you! So I listed his office and they came after he left, but an employee put them on his office chair. Yay - more Popcorners!!

The website also has some recipes using Popcorners. Only 4 right now, but I am sure the list will grow.

So, go try out these tasty treats - they are well worth it, and the company is very generous for what you pay. Two thumbs up!

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