Monday, July 26, 2010


At work, I consider myself a decent multi-tasker. Phone is ringing and I need to send an e-mail? Done.

But in the kitchen? Somehow, if I try to do two things at once, one of them always, without fail, gets a little burned. It's ridiculous.

There was the time I was making rice where I had to saute it in some butter first. I put that on the stove and turn to chop some vegetables. Next thing I know, butter melted and burned half the rice.

Or just a few weeks ago, my husband and I bought chicken croquettes in the supermarket so we could have a Tapas night like we did in Spain on our honeymoon. I fry up some peppers, Spanish style, no problem. I roast some red potatoes, Spanish style, no problem. In between doing those 2 tasks, I burn the croquettes in oil. sigh.

It makes me feel stupid that I can't cook intricate meals without some sort of charring going on. Anyone have any tips?

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