Sunday, October 30, 2011

Game Day Snack Week 8 (part 2) - Caramelized Banana "Sundae"

Since MY idea for the Sunday game day snack went bust (see my "ghost meringues" and LAUGH here!), my husband decided to make his own snack for game day.

I think the Viva Elvis Cirque du Soleil that we just saw in Vegas got into his head, because he decided to do a play on peanut butter and bananas.

We had one banana left in our fruit basket, so he decided to slice it up and caramelize the bananas in brown sugar.

First he sliced them, then he rolled each slice in the brown sugar to coat them, and then he sauteed them in a pan with a tiny drop of margarine.

After the bananas were done, he put them into a bowl and added peanuts for texture, chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Different, but tasty, and he enjoyed it while parked on the couch watching the Giants.

This concoction can also be put over ice cream! (Vanilla would probably work best).


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