Saturday, October 22, 2011

Game Day Snack Week 7 - Sweet n Tangy Dogs

So this week is definitely an easy snack, and halfway cheating on being creative. My husband and I only had Saturday to get him a new baseball autograph at a show for a picture he has been doing, pick up our baby stroller before they sold out of the one we wanted, pack, get my husband a hair cut, have him pick up his new glasses and have our exterminator come to do an outside soil treatment to keep the house safe from pests for the next year. Sounds like a lot, huh?

Since we're going on our last minor jaunt before I can't travel much anymore, we had a lot to cram in on one solitary weekend day. So I needed this week's recipe to be easy.

I found this AWESOME recipe for a delicious sounding watermelon slushee (sans alcohol for me) that I wanted to try but we didn't have watermelon in the house and I just didn't feel like going to buy some (especially since it is so overpriced now because it is not watermelon season!) So that recipe will be done another time. It would have been easy to make for the afternoon but oh well.

SO instead, I used my dinner from Friday night to be my inspiration. I had turkey dogs (hot dogs for people who don't eat turkey dogs), so I found a way to dress it up into something more unique, and add some fruit into it as well! My combination turned out tasting fantastic.

I had a cheddar and red grape hot dog. YUM!! I always like having cheese on my hot dogs, so that was nothing new. We had a bunch of red grapes in the house because I have been on a grape kick, so I sliced a few up.

After the hot dog was cooked, I put a thin layer of ketchup down, then some grapes, then a little more ketchup and then some shredded cheddar. This combination resulted in a very sweet and tangy taste and I definitely enjoyed it.

I knew the fruit would work from when I made the Surf Dogs back in the summer of 2010 and those had pineapple on them. And it is a good way to sneak some fruit into a fussy little one that doesn't want to eat healthy!

I could also see finely dicing some onion and sprinkling that on the dog as well.

This is obviously very easy to make, and can be made on the road if you have all your ingredients prepared. (like chopping grapes and onions and bringing them already cut). You can use it on mini cocktail wieners or full sized dogs.

It's a fantastic game day food.

So, enjoy your football games this week! And if anyone has any requests or ideas for something they would like to see, leave a comment or go to the Facebook fan page and leave a suggestion!

And sorry for the lack of creativity but vacation calls. Next week I will have a special Halloween treat!

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